Friday, December 22, 2006

Getting Married in Mexico

Are you thinking of getting married in Mexico? If you are in the market for a wedding, you've probably considered the option of what is known as a Destination Wedding these days. And if you're thinking of getting married while on vacation, Mexico is probably one of the first places that comes to mind.

Before I tell you about this website that consolidates information about weddings in Mexico, let me say that my husband and I were married away from home... in Italy, to be exact. It wasn't as common in those days (10 years ago) and we had a hard time finding someone to coordinate the event (in Venice). Nowadays, you can choose from a whole list of people and getting married in a romantic location is a much more popular idea.

Getting married in a foreign country has its pros and cons. It is expensive for your guests (we solved that problem by not having any). And it may not be legal in your country (we solved that by having a civil wedding before we left). The ceremony was incredibly special, romantic beyond belief and something I will remember on my deathbed as a highlight of my life. We were married at midnight on the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy as the bells chimed and the bands played. About 200 people from around the world came to watch as we stood in front of the golden Basilica and the wedding "official" who was dressed as a doge (the traditional ruler of Venice).

Now, weddings in foreign countries are a lot easier to manage. And Stray Weddings has a very helpful website that makes getting married in Mexico a breeze. They have a free e-book report about the Top Ten Resorts for Weddings in the Yucatan Peninsula. They also have listings of wedding planners, travel agents, translators, photographers and musicians (although in my experience, all you really need is a good wedding planner and they will help you find everyone else). Our good friends Paradise Weddings are listed as one of their wedding planners and I know that they do it all, from flowers to music to videos to napkins.

They have recently started a blog with more detailed info about what documents you need to get married, photos of chapels and other details that will be important to a future bride.

So now, do you want to see photos of our wedding? Sure you do...