Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jon's Mexico Page

Title: Jon's Mexico Page
Type of website: A personal webpage with stories and photos galore
Excellent source of...: Well-written stories and quality photos about different areas of Mexico.

Oooh, this is a great find for all you Mexico-philes out there! Jon Clark originally moved to Mexico to teach English, but after two years of that, decided to stay and try his hand at journalism. He wrote for an English-language newspaper, The Miami Herald, covering Mexico for over a year while living in Mexico City. Then he moved to Arizona and now he covers the border towns.

He's a good writer. When he was writing for the Herald, he was ranging all over Mexico topically. There are stories about everything from Mexican Coca Cola and why it is so popular to Carlos Gotari Salinas and why he isn't so popular. There are stories about baseball in Mexico, Mel Gibson in Mexico and the Mormon Church in Mexico. As someone who lives here, I enjoyed reading some details and background about some of these issues. Jon's a paid reporter, so his stories, while not personal like a lot of blogs, are well researched and in depth.

Now he's a little more focused on the border town issues... but there is a lot going on there, and its a subject I'm not that familiar with, living in the Yucatan. He is living in and writing about a place that deals with the immigration and integration issues of Mexico and the US on a daily basis, and I predict the stories may get even more interesting in the coming months.

And though I've barely mentioned the photos, Jon is a good photographer and the photos are well worth the time it takes to look at them.

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