Thursday, August 24, 2006

Building and Living on Cozumel

Here is a very personal blog written by an English woman who has recently bought a house in Cozumel. I can't quite figure out if she has moved to Cozumel permanently... No, I don't think so. But she seems to be staying through the summer to supervise some renovations on her home... and well, we'll follow her progress and see what happens, shall we?

I like this blog for a few reasons. One, I'm interested in what it is like to live in different parts of Mexico. And Cozumel is a unique location. It's an island, for one thing. It just went through a devastating hurricane season last year, so I'm interested to see how things are going. Secondly, the writers style is very easy to read, fun and includes little asides and wanderings that make it more than just another building-in-Mexico blog. Thirdly, so far, it has been about the experience of building in Mexico. And though there seems to be more and more of that on the web these days, that is because there are more and more people doing it. And it is of interest to many of us to learn how things are done.

For instance, I learned from this blog that there is a national "abalnile" day... May 3, i think it is. How cool! I'm glad I know that. Hopefully, we won't still be building our house by that day next year, but if we are, I'll know to expect the workers to take a little holiday. Or at least to expect lunch from us :-)

The author seems to be having a good experience with her building project, enjoying the process of learning how things are done and getting to know the workers. As we too have found, the people working on a project are often so cheerful and enjoyable to work with that it makes the whole experience that much nicer.

And one more thing... the photos of Cozumel at the top of the page (the author is using the same layout that Yucatan Living and Hopalog are using) are really very nice! I look forward to reading more...

(Editors Note: This blog seems to have disappeared shortly after I reviewed it. I've looked for it again, but no luck. If anyone knows it's whereabouts, please tell me!)

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