Friday, March 02, 2007

Uno, dos, tres, quatro!

Nancy and Paul, who currently live in Washington State, are moving to Mexico... and because of blog technology and Nancy's prolific and expressive writing, you can share the journey. Regular readers of this blog have been following Nancy and Paul as they traveled throughout Mexico to decide where they were going to move to when Paul retires. Recently, they have decided to move to Mazatlan, and now the real countdown begins as they experience the process of moving to another country.

What I love about this blog is the intimate picture of what so many of us who live here have gone through. We maybe have not all gone through it with the joy, peace and luxurious timeframe that Nancy enjoys, but we have all taken the steps that these two are taking. Deciding where to live, deciding whether to buy or rent, what to do with the car, the "stuff"... there are so many big and little decisions involved in moving. Those decisions are multiplied in significance and emotional impact when you are moving away from friends and family to a new country.

As Nancy's writing conveys, moving to Mexico is both about leaving things you love behind and moving towards adventure, mystery and a new way of life.

If you have moved to Mexico already, I think you'll enjoy watching these two go through the process, which allows you to revisit your own process and see how much you have learned since you moved. If you are moving yourself or thinking of making this move, you will probably learn a few things as well as gain a comfortable feeling of not being alone in your venture.

I know I am enjoying following the real-life story of two people making the big move to Mexico... I invite you to join me. Altogether now: uno, dos, tres...


Nancy said...

Thank you for introducing our blog to your readers - it is quite a compliment!

We are having a lot of fun getting ready for our move this fall....I just wish I could feel that it is a luxurious time frame!

Thanks again for including us in your blog!

CookingDiva - Chef Melissa said...

Good luck Nancy & Co.! Please keep Us posted.
A big hug from Panama----

Brenda said...

It is interesting to read about all of the stuff that we have already gone through. Glad we are done with that part of it and are now settled into our new life.