Saturday, November 03, 2007

Preserving Treasures of Mexico

What a find I have brought you tonite! Thanks to Rollybrook's Blog (a very comprehensive website with lots of good info about Mexico...previously reviewed), I have stumbled across this labor of love, all about the textiles of Mexico. I cannot say that this is the most beautiful website I've seen, nor the most organized or well-written. But it is a gem when it comes to unique information and photos about a very specific subject: the disappearing textile traditions of Mexico.

The gentleman who writes and researches this website, Bob Freund, obviously travels a lot, seeking out the smallest villages and the oldest women in an effort to take photos of and purchase examples of the many different types of textiles used as clothing by the indigenous peoples of Mexico. In many places, these textile traditions are dying, and he is documenting the last people to wear certain types of clothing.

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift but don't have time to travel to the mountains of Veracruz or Guerrero? Bob has an eBay store (linked from his website) where he sells some of the indigenous textiles that he buys in his travels, using the proceeds to pay for more travel and documentation of these traditions. The store offers placemats, wall hangings, blouses and bedspreads. The textiles are all hand-made and hand-woven and are one of a kind. And I'm sure I don't need to mention they are beautiful.

One of the best things about this site is the wealth of photos of the women of these little towns throughout Mexico. All too often, Bob finds the last woman in a town who wears the traditional costume. He visits and photographs her, and we get to enjoy and share the experience through his website. His travels take him to some very remote places that most of us will never get to (unfortunately!).

As he says many times, so many of these textile traditions are being lost as these women die. I would encourage anyone who appreciates these to buy from this eBay store so that Bob can continue to buy from the women who make them. What a great place to get a unique Christmas present and to do good at the same time. And to let Mr. Freund now that his work in documenting these textiles is appreciated.


Ann said...

You've been tagged!

Thank you for the great links to so much information about Mexico. These textiles are beautiful.

Ann said...

Thank you for this great link, the textiles are beautiful and it's so nice to have the labels of where they 're from.

You do a great job of linking to other Mexico sites, I've discovered a lot of great sites from coming here.

P.S. You're tagged! Check it out on my blog.

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