Saturday, May 17, 2008

Folk Art from Central Mexico

Many thanks to Billie of billieblog for pointing out this website to me. Because one of the most wonderful things about Mexico is it's folk art. And one of my favorite places in the world (we even own a cottage there) is the area around Patzcuaro. And this blog is about both those things!

The woman who writes this blog (whom I don't know...) apparently also owns a folk art store in Patzcuaro called Zocalo. And has a website that sells folk art. What she also does, and quite well, is keep a blog about the folk art and the culture that she sees around her home and on her travels in Mexico. She's been doing that (living and traveling in Mexico) for eighteen years, so she has a lot of experience and knowledge to share.

Poke around the blog and you'll find information on artists, books and their authors, towns, fiestas, quotes from poets, museums of Mexico... oh, for anyone who loves art and loves Mexico, this blog is a goldmine!! I haven't read it all (it's quite extensive and jampacked with information and links and fotos) but I intend to.

And if you love Mexico, I'm betting you are going to too.

And I'm on a no-spend diet at the moment, so I won't be buying a lot of crafts from their wonderful online store, but Goddess knows I would like to! Even if you don't want to buy anything right now, check out the extensive information about the different kinds of crafts and how to take care of them. Again, what a goldmine! To be balanced, I must admit that all the links to and shameless plugging of the store get a little repetitive and get in the way a bit, but the woman needs to make money to support her obvious arts and crafts habit. So we'll forgive her for that.

You can believe that next time I'm in Patzcuaro, I'm going to go and check out the Zocalo store. In the meantime, I plan to be enjoying this wonderful blog. How about you?

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Deb Hall ~ Zocalo Folk Art said...

There is shameless plugging, to be sure. But wouldn't you say that for a "commercial blog", the individual blog entries are decidely uncommercial(bordering on...yawn...educational, I hope for some)? I would so prefer to footnote each entry with: "Rick and Deb Hall are independently wealthy, and put their monetary assets towards the support of Mexican folk art and the families that produce Mexican folk art by providing micro-loans to as many families as they are able". But instead, we do the same by having a little folk art store in SMA and PATZ. But I so appreciate your assessment of our blog (very kind words!), and in fact, have quoted you on the side bar. And please keep tellin' me what you like and don't.