Monday, July 03, 2006

Cabo San Lucas

Title: Cabo San Lucas Beaches
Type of Website: Travel Guide to Cabo San Lucas
Great source of...: Insider's tips on traveling to Cabo

Mexico is a huge country isn't it? We live in the Yucatan and sometimes I forget that Cabo San Lucas and Baja California are part of the same country. They seem so far away in both distance and culture.

But they are indeed still part of Mexico. And this website is a great guide if you're thinking of going for the first time and are a little worried about being in Mexico.

Of course, those of us who live here or have been going to Mexico for a long time know that you have nothing to worry about. But with the press that Mexico gets, ranging from Montezuma's revenge to Mexico City kidnappings, it's no wonder that people have some trepidation if they have never been to Mexico before.

This website seems geared towards people going to Mexico for the first time. Cabo is probably a good place to go on your first trip to Mexico, as it has a lot of the amenities that Americans and Europeans are used to, while still retaining some Mexican charm and its natural seaside beauty.

The website is obviously written by someone who loves the area. It is set up with a "story" on each page, ranging from how to select the best resort for your needs to the background on Cabo Wabo, the famous Cabo bar. There are also pages on How to get to Cabo, Where to Stay, Where to Golf and what weather to expect. And a small photo gallery.

My only complaint about the Cabo website is that it's pretty shallow. I'm sure there is a lot more to say about the place. I'd like to see some more in-depth maps (the one map is pretty simplistic), more photos, more detailed recommendations about where to eat and what to do. The website does a good job of presenting Google ads to the reader, but doesn't balance them out well enough with original content. The writers have been visiting Cabo for 20 years... I would love to read more about how Cabo used to be, stories of their trips there, the people who live in Cabo or go there regularly.

The content that is there is helpful... there just isn't nearly enough of it!

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