Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Mexican In Brazil

Title: Ricardo's Blog
Type of Website: Blog
Great source of...: whatever Ricardo is interested in this week. Ricardo is a Mexican, working for a multinational corporation in Brazil in their IT department.

Here's another great blog. Being a resident in Mexico, I like to read (in English) about what's going on from a Mexican's point of view. In this case, Ricardo is an expat like me... only he's a Mexican living in another country and not in the US, which is so, well... predictable! (This photo, by the way, is from his blog and is a picture of his son)

I got to this blog originally because Ricardo is keeping on top of the Mexican Presidential race, which as most of you probably know is starting to look a lot like the first time they made Bush the President of the US. Too close to call, recounts, you know the story. Anyway, Ricardo is watching and reporting, from a Mexican's point of view. Ricardo is watching a lot of things and commenting on them (photography, soccer, websites in Spanish, the US immigration debate, biofuels...) and his comments are interesting, intelligent and enlightening.

Ricardo has only been blogging since February... I hope he continues. I'll be watching!

But Ricardo's blog is more than political.


Ricardo said...


Thanks a lot for the review, your kind words and your link. I enjoy a lot building my blog so your words are very well received.

I visited this blog, which I find it very useful given the fact that there is no directory of Mexico related blogs in English. It is a great idea, thanks for taking the time to build it.

A bit more about myself: I have been a corporate blogger since middle of 2005. I have a well established blog internal to my company (has had about 30,000 page views) and I decided to build a web version to be able to talk about other subjects, as my internal blog is mostly focused on a few topics. I experiment more with my web blog and this makes the experience a very rich one.

I work for a tech company managing the Latin America business. I am loving living in Brasil. I was about two weeks ago in Merida for an event and had the chance to go and have dinner at Hacienda Temozon. That is quite a magical place to be -- I have to go for vacation there someday. I love Merida, Cancun and other places in the Yucatan area. Great to see that you are making a sucessfull living there.

I will keep track of your Mexico-in-English blog as well as Yucatan Living. You some very nice stories in there too. I will add you to my and RSS reader.

Thanks for your review.


Ellen Fields said...

Thanks, Ricardo!

I am flattered that you like this blog and will keep watching.

Yes, Merida is a magical place... next time you are in town, let me know and we'll go have a mojito or something.