Saturday, April 29, 2006


Title: Hopalog
Type of website: Personal blog of a family of 6 on the road in Mexico after selling their house in Northern California
Excellent source of...: Growing fascination and envy.

OK, I have to admit...I'm absolutely fascinated by the story. Kathy, the author of this travel-blog, is married with four children. She and her husband apparently sold their house in Northern California, bought a van and an RV and are touring around Mexico, home-schooling their children and looking for a place to settle down. Apparently, they have a satellite internet hookup on their RV and Kathy posts photos and a running commentary almost daily. And there's a whole wealth of Flikr fotos too.

I'm inspired to begin considering (again) convincing my husband to buy an RV, pack up the two dogs, and hit the road next year. Of course, we would have to sell some properties first. That isn't out of the question. And then there's the business. But with a satellite hookup... oh! sorry. caught me daydreaming.

When you think about it, this blog is a literary version of a reality show. And maybe that's the wave of the future. ("Wave of the future, wave of the future..." - Howard Hughes). In the end, there's nothing more interesting than reality. Nothing more powerful than truth.

This afternoon I read an interview with Al Gore saying that reality must have it's day (he was referring to global warming). And while I type this, I'm listening to Neil Young's new album, streaming over the internet to my little corner of the world and hopefully many other corners as well. (..."I'm living with war in my heart every day...I take a holy vow to never kill again"). And I'm reading this story about two people who really DID leave their jobs to spend more time with their family.

And I'm feeling hopeful.

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kathy said...

that was SO sweet! You make us sound like nice people. :)

I'm LOVING the website of the guy in Lerdo. His kitchen section is astounding. And you guys have The Most Incredible Photographs Evah. You inspire me.