Monday, April 17, 2006

Quality Peoples

Title: Quality Peoples
Type of website: Personal blog of young California designer who moved to Mexico two years ago
Excellent source of...: A look at what it is like to live on the West Coast of Mexico. Also, insight into living in Mexico as a young professional (as opposed to what so many expatriates are here: old retired people).

This website isn't really *about*'s just about someone who lives here. And for that, it's a fascinating read if you are interested in the subject. I guess Americans living in Mexico is still a novelty, though I wonder how much longer that is going to be true.

Unlike many people I know, Ed Fladung, the owner of this blog, isn't over 55 and retired. He moved down to the Puerto Vallarta area to help his parents (who I think may be over 55 but have a business there) with the family business. And it seems that he liked it so much, he stayed. Well, apparently, he also fell in love. Not just with Marcia, but also with Mexico.

He doesn't just write about Mexico. He writes about California when he goes back there, about design, about his life. But he lives in Mexico, so a detailed read of this blog can give you a pretty good idea of what life is like for an expat in his world. And of course, if you want to just cut to the chase, he has a category "ex-pat life" with 140 posts about the subject.

Oh, and Ed's a surfer, so you can find out a lot about surfing in that area. And of course, he's a photographer, so you'll find plenty of those on his website as well. He's a designer and he's building a house, so there's photos and info on that too.


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Gwyn said...

Fully agree. Ed´s got a fantastic site, his insightful writing and quality photography is something is truly inspiring. I thoroughly recommend a browse. And I don´t even surf.