Wednesday, June 07, 2006

2035 Miles from Where?

Title: 2035 Miles
Type of website: Blog
Excellent source of...: Insight into life of an US expatriate (and his wife) in Guadalajara.

Noah, the writer of this blog, writes about his life, which happens to be going on in Guadalajara, Mexico at the moment. So while the blog also includes commentary on Steve Jobs' speech at MacWorld or Noah's review of the latest XBox game, Noah writes extensively about the day to day experience of living in Guadalajara. Recently he has been writing about the Presidential race, which is of course heating up before the election on July 2. But also there are just nice chatty posts about what is going on in his life, like trying to get an FM3 or seeing a fatal car accident on a street corner.

One of the coolest things about this blog is a linked website that he and his wife created about their house. It looks like a little website for a lovely bed and breakfast, but its just all about their house for the people who might like to come visit them, including a schedule of who is coming when so that friends can stagger their visits. I don't know... something about it is just really lovely. Its so well done... a little web labor of love.

Noah's a good photographer too, so don't miss the link to his photos. In addition to some lovely photos of the area around Guadalajara, there are photos from an extensive trip that he and his wife made through Latin America last year.

Another curious gringo reporting on life as an expat in Mexico. As a fellow expat living here, I'm loving following all these different families and their experiences. But what I want to know here is: Where is Guadalajara 2035 miles from???

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