Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Title: Viva Veracruz
Type of website: Blog
Excellent source of...: Insight into the life and thoughts of someone preparing to move from Colorado to Veracruz Mexico.

There are many well-kept secrets about Mexico. The beauty and incredibly rich liveability of Veracruz has got to be one of them. John Calypso (can that be his real name? How romantic... ) certainly agrees with that observation.

Last summer, we spent three weeks on a roadtrip that took us to the city of Veracruz and then up into the mountains to Xalapa. We found it to be one of the most pleasant cities on our whole trip. Cool and sunny climate, lovely downtown and one of the most beautiful museums we've ever seen. From there, we traveled up higher into the mountains, ate lunch at a roadside cafe and had a lovely day we've been talking about ever since. We can see why John likes it so much.

But the man with the lyrical name doesn't just talk about Veracruz. He talks about politics (even Mexican politics! Que horror!) and his family and philosophy and really, whatever he feels like talking about. He and his wife apparently spend half the year in Colorado and half the year in Mexico. And they are working on closing down their life in Colorado in order to move completely to Mexico. He has written a lot lately about what it feels like to do that. What he's going through, what he's thinking. He writes about being a parent to a young man who has just moved to Los Angeles. In short, he's a typical aging baby boomer... but he's ahead of the curve, because he has already begun *his* move to Mexico. Some of us believe he (and we) are just the crest of the wave.

John Calypso appears to be a thoughtful man with time to express and share his thoughts. For anyone considering moving to Mexico, there is a lot of good information scattered among those thoughts and the thoughts are pretty interesting too.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for the kind words. I was pleasantly surprised and greatly impressed with your reviewing skills with all the Blogs reviews. I will link to your Blog from mine if that is OK.

And - Yes - John Calypso is the real deal.
(\ /)
( . .)

John Calypso

San Miguel Photos said...


I am leaving a copy of the comment that I left on viva veracruz where I first read your review of John's blog. I hope that I am not also another aging baby bommer.

"Typical baby boomer, please excuse me if I barf. The typical baby boomer is a AARP subscriber who is looking to down size to a condo in a area near where their current house is located or to move to a condo in Florida and then only looks forward to their annual trip to (where ever).

Life is an adventure and it is a shame that most people do not understand that if you do not expand your horizons you are missing what life is all about. I think it is great that you are exploring Veracruz and what new adventures lurk in your future.

Otherwise, think what life would be if the most exciting thing in your life was early bird dinner at Denny’s and Bingo. That is my idea of hell."

Sans said...

I linked your blog to mine, I hope you don't mind. You have some great reading here!