Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Living AND working in the Yucatan

Title: Yucatan Living
Type of website: Blog
Excellent source of...: Insight into the lifestyle and experiences of two "gringos" living and working for a living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.

OK, so the other day it occurred to me that I've never actually reviewed my own website! Silly me.

My husband (Working Gringo) and I (Working Gringa) have been working as website designers/photographers in Merida, Yucatan for the last four years. We do a lot of local tourism-industry websites (B&B's, hotels, etc.). Unlike a lot of people, we are neither students, nor independently wealthy nor retired. So we have to work for a living.

On Yucatan Living, we write about our daily experiences, share what we've learned and try to have some fun with it in the process. We've lived in the Yucatan for over four years now, and living here has changed our lives completely. You can read about that in the websites Interview section, where there are other interviews with local expats. There is a Music section (linked at the top of the pages) where you can hear local Yucatecan Trova Music. And there's a Photo Gallery too, with some of our best photos from our lives around here. There are other sections, like too, like Art, News, Destinations or my favorite, Survivor, which is about what it takes to make it here.

Yucatan doesn't see itself as part of Mexico. It has always been a place apart. Some have said that Merida is like Mexico was forty years ago. And we could argue that Playa del Carmen is the future of Mexico, arguably the fastest growing city in the Americas. If Mexico is a land of contrast, nowhere does that seem more true than here, where the Mayan campesino can be found eating at the same taco stand as the Cancun millionaire. Our internet magazine, as we like to call it, Yucatan Living, celebrates the Yucatan. We hope it gives you a taste of the Yucatan and that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy writing it.


wolfman384 said...

hi are you in Merida, do you know somebody who wants to practice spanish? i want to practice english. im a student. my mail elreyvive53@hotmail.com

Kristin said...

Help me move from Austin, TX to the Yucatan!!!

shirley said...

Hello,we live in Los Angeles CA and we have enough of this city,can you help us with some tips from moving some of our furniture down to Merida,I really appreciate any help,thank you and keep writing about that beautiful city.Shirley

Joy Rentz said...

We bought our beach house 5 years ago but only now are we living in Chuburna in the Yucatan permanently
we love it, won't live anywhere else,when we visited our house years ago, my husband called a glass of wine on the beach watching the beautiful sunset, the therapy room, so now we are in therapy all the time, really enjoy the YL alot, alot.